Jobs we do

If you can imagine it, we can probably fix it for you. Here is a list of some of the jobs that we can do for you.

Seasonal Jobs
• Winterize or Summer start-up of swamp coolers
• Shovel snow
• Trim and cut trees, bushes, and vines
• Replace air conditioner/furnace filters
• Till gardens

Household Efficiency
• Clean refrigerator coils
• Clean and repair gutters
• Replace light bulbs and fixtures
• Install attic insulation and radiant barrier
• Weatherize windows and doors

• Replace doors
• Install trim work
• Caulk kitchens and bathrooms
• Refinish hardwood floors
• Replace sinks and fixtures
• Replace counter tops
• Repair and install fencing
• Repair and replace sprinkler components

• Roof Leaks
• Low-flow sprinkler systems
• Gil loves troubleshooting your problems

And many more…if we can’t do the job we can help you find someone of good reputation who can.